Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Doing It Yourself

My first brush with carpentry was to create a dove-tail joint out of two half-a-foot blocks of wood. In the carpentry shop in the mechanical department, I marked and I sawed, I chafed and I chiselled until I managed to fit the two blocks into a T, where one block held the other against movement in its length axis.

The second was to build a wardrobe out of this. :O

First, I fit the middle plank to the bottom and the main shelf-plank to make the skeleton of the wardrobe.

Then, the top panel (to the bottom of the pic) was joined and the side panels were clamped in.

The rear plys were then nailed in.

And then the whole thing was heaved and put against the wall. Once up, the doors were hinged in.

There, a decent wardrobe, with lots of hanging space, shelves on one side, and drawers and racks on the other.

I bought this thing from a colleague who was leaving UK for good. Thankfully, he dismantled only the planks, and did not go all the way to the pegs. I'm glad I waited till the long weekend to get this thing up, because the next morning, I woke up with a pain in the lower back (which subsided after a session in the gym). Thankfully, few friends came in after the rear plys were nailed in, and helped me heave the wardrobe against the wall, and fit the doors in.

It was fun, no doubt, but you need to get your basics right. We fit and re-fit a door two times, but it was still not straight. It was finally brought in line by tweaking the position of the hinges. The right side doors are still a bit askew, but then... chalta hai.