Friday, December 28, 2007


And there goes another message to the political establishment, one more famous name added into the kitty of the perpetrators of terrorism. A 54 year old leader of a troubled state reduced to a mere number in their also-killed list.

I'm not a political guy, heck, I don't even understand the games played in the office, much less a country. Yet, when I see a person of the stature of Nawaz Sharif, emotional and choking on the television, saying it is the darkest day of his country, I know it is not drama. I see Benazir on the television, telling Barkha Dutt that she is not afraid of going back to her country, that she considers that no one can be killed until their time is up. I see Benazir emotional when she is back from exile into her homeland, jubiliant and confidently talking about what she wants to do next. I look at the family, where the father and his three children are tragically done to death and wonder what reason will possibly justify these murders.

Cut out all the fors and the againsts, leave aside all her political aspirations, and charges of corruption and what have you. Till today, here was your woman - living in exile, wanting to do something for her country, having lost her family to a series of unnatural deaths, and probably putting her own life on the anvil everytime four people gathered around her - and still saying it does not worry her as she enters her own country in dangerous times. Such guts!

And now, all that is left of those guts are two words making a cold headline. Benazir Assassinated.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Spotlight Series

Having been associated with it for some time now, I take pride in bringing Blogbharti's latest offering - the Spotlight Series - where guest writers muse on issues that are relevant today.

Go have a look, will you?

Merry Christmas

Hmm... a long and an eventful break. Since the last post I have -
  • enjoyed Diwali,
  • been busy with work,
  • seen the weather change till it almost snowed, but didn't,
  • been down with a bout of cold, sore throat and general feverishness,
  • been driving all over South Wales.
There's a lot to update, so keep watching. :D