Friday, January 26, 2007


… short for Fernando’s, is a Portuguese-themed chain of restaurants, which is famous for its peri-peri type of chicken.

Legend has it that when the Portuguese set out to India by sailing all along the African coast, they camped in a place near Mozambique. The sun, the sand and the tropical weather caught their fancy, and they set up base here. And to add to their pomp and gaiety, they developed a fancy for the local spice – pili-pili, which they called peri-peri.

Such were the old settlers enamoured by Peri-peri that it finds its way into their menu, their food, and their way of life. They like to believe that ex’peri-peri’menting and ex’peri-peri’encing are the only way to live life. The cuisine here is mostly chicken - not surprising, because its best selling item is the chicken itself. They cook the chicken in a unique way, laying it flat on an open fire grill – much like our tandoor – which gives it a smoky taste when eaten.

You do get veggie items – but there is a limited choice – like the pitta, for example. A simple veggie pitta is not very different from our Big Mac when eaten. To the eyes, however it looks like the filling is enclosed in two thick chapattis and sealed all around. A typical veggie pitta, with chips and spicy rice, looks like this.

The food here goes very well with Sangria. Sangria is basically a light wine punch – a dominant red wine, which is then spiked with sweeteners like honey or orange juice, and has fruits in it. Subtle variations of fruit and sweeteners have given rise to a variety of drinks, but they are all called Sangria in general.

For more stories on the Peri-Peri Life and the legend of the Barcelos Cockerel, click here.

Friday, January 19, 2007

So you all...

... thought I was joking about the winter here? Take a look at the roads which take me to my office.

This is just as I step out of my door. Take a look at the swanky cars to the left. I gotta take a right where this road meets the intersection somewhere in the background.

This is the main road - the road in the foreground (white lines) is what I call a 'parking road' - its a kind of service road, which is used exclusively for parking. Notice the red lines - this means its a has a premium rate for parking - a pound an hour!!! Purple lines are 75p and green is free. But its never free - for parking, that is!!!

And, you remember I told you my desk was almost a corner one, and has a view of Jaipur, the Indian restaurant? Well, this is the view!!! And just in case the fog and the darkness make you gloomy, let me remind you, once in a while, we get some sunshine, and how we wish it lasts!!! Why? Take a look!!!

Notice the red car in the foreground - it is always in the same place. Proof of it is the fact that the two snaps above are spaced weeks apart. There are lots more to come, so stay glued...

Saturday, January 06, 2007

I am a stickler...

...for correct spellings. If it’s a sunny day, and I’m feeling Godly, I may choose to forgive an occasional grammatical mistake, but I simply cannot stand wrong spellings. This, in spite of a Cambridge University study wchih pvores that you can raed and udnersnatd snetneecs if the frsit and lsat ltteers of the wrods are in palce. Only I know how difficult it was for me to write the above sentence – to convince myself to deliberately put the letters in the wrong places. But I digress. If I were not like this, I wouldn’t be the spellchecker for the professor, would I? Anyways.

GOOD DAY. This is KIRAN R PAWAR is This right time to talk to you? As you
are aware I am working with LIC, LIC is conducting a customer satisfaction
sarway. The corporation wants to know your views on Life Insurance
Mr. ________I want to meet you for about 15; minuets. Would you prefer That of come at 10am Saturday or nest day Sunday be more suitable? (your view :s are Important to us)
Thanking you
You finical friends
Kiran R. Pawar

And so began my autopsy of the ill-fated letter which dared to seek my mailbox with all its lacunae. And as if he were standing here in front of me, my friend starts asking -
Is this a good time to talk to you?
NO. Why is he going on?
As you are aware, I am working for LIC?
As YOU are obviously unaware, this is the first time I’m talking to you, so I’m not aware. Ok, now I’m aware. Now what?
The corporation wants to know your views on Life Insurance Mr.
What? Is this an interrogation, mister? Or is it like Mr._________, I want to meet you for 15; meet you for 15? You want 15 from me? 15 what? *Flabbergasted* Oh minuets? You want to meet me for 15 minuets? 15 dances and that too old style? Crazy hua kya? I’m no ‘Writh’ik Roshan, mind you.
Would you prefer that?
Prefer what? The dance?
Would you prefer that of come at 10am Saturday?
Any suggestions?
Or nest day Sunday be more suitable?
I thought Sunday was a rest day. Nest Day? What do we do? Go and nest? Or is it that on a “nest day be more suitable”, and other days be less suitable? Suitable for what? Nesting? Huh? And in the bracket he writes – your view :s are important to us. I have half a hunch the ‘:’ implies another meaning. Which view is he talking about? Sunday? Nesting? View? Whew!!!
You finical friends – Kiran R Pawar
Friends? I assume that the r is “or”. Which leads me to believe that there are two of them, both finical and intending to maintain an air of mystery. Oooh!!! Super. But then, who is the “this” pointer when they say in the first line “this is Kiran (or) Pawar”

And even though I spellcheck all the posts and comments for the professor, she does have an other side - she won this contest with this gem of an entry, you see. So as soon as I received this email, I sent it to her. Sometimes, it helps to know you have competition around.