Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Klueless...yeah!!! This is the name of the amazing game I came across in some fwd by V, and what a game it is... Sheesh Kabob...

It is in a long long time that I have seen something that really caught my interest, and frankly, this game is fantabusheeshously mindblowing. I have always loved these kind of things which cause you to think "out of the box", google around, find a clue, and look at the larger picture.

Check the game out at

The first few levels are easy, and you start getting a hang of things from the fifth level onwards. The clues, the hints and the pictures are woven in so neatly, and even if you clear the level by a hunch or by using a spoiler, when you look back in retrospect, everything makes sense.

The most commendable thing I found in this game was that Amit Sharma and his team have also provided for the return path in case you stray away... like in a level you put in the name of a band, and he takes you to a page, and asks for the lead singer's name. And if you put in the fullname, the new page which opens, tells you what to put in to get on the right track. Amit could have left these, and just be prompting the player, but he didn't, and this is where he gets the praise.

Try the game guys, it helps a rusty brain to chug back on track. Clues follow in the next blog.